About Art...

The art and colours we choose can literally transform a room and how we feel.

If you love art and you're looking for ideas and inspiration, take some time to get to know what YOU really like.

Choose art and colours that you love and make you feel good! You can match art to your current interior, or match your interior to your art.  Simple...!

Create that feeling of traveling and being at your favourite place... 



About the Artist...

 I love to transform a space using colour.  

Colour can make a space bigger, smaller, warmer, cooler.

Paintings and prints can be the focal point of the room, creating a space you love to be in...!



I followed my heart and traveled to Munich in 2013 to study painting.  I had been dreaming of this course for three years and I'd just sold two of my paintings, so I booked my ticket and off I went.  It was a dream come true and I had to pinch myself everyday I was there...!  We scaled up a design to 2m high x 1.4m wide, so it's with thanks to this incredible experience that I love to paint large canvases, walls, anything really...!

In the UK I completed a Tafe course in Paint Effects & Interior Decór.  This course taught me the fundamentals of how to use paint on any surface with paint effects that can create illusion.  I love this stuff...!

For example:  (fake / painted) Wood, Stone, Marble etc.

Using paint to create the illusion that something looks real is challenging, exciting and fun.



 My mission is to bring joy to people using colour and creativity, and to also help people kick start their own love of creating... whatever it may be!